Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Scientific Calculator

A Modern Scientific Calculator for computer age where you can see the entire expression you entered rather than one digit/argument at a time. Experience the convenience along with high precision calculations using this Scientific Calculator. More features coming soon.
Features(Ver 1.5-Oct 3/2010): Added some great features to the application. Shake functionality allows you see the result by shaking the phone after entering the expression. You can show this to your friends which is show case of power of android OS. Second one is configurable backgroud themes. You can select the theme you like or suites you that day. Third one is related to conversion from binary to decimal and vice versa. Also a full featured binary calculations are now possible with this calc. I am happy that i could add all these features and test them with in a weeks time. Just drop a email if you see some bugs and give your rating if you feel the app is great and click on a ad to give me some boost :-)

Features(Ver1.3-Sep 27/2010): Added function to calculate %, new help under menu so that new users can find how to use the calculator, Science tips are supported and a setting to select science or maths tips. Some other bug fixes and code for upcoming releases. Exciting features are coming....

Features(ver 1.2-Sep 17/2010): Force closure issue in android 2.1 resolved. Thanks for feedback. Added n!, ans(you can get answer from prev expression so that multi step calculations can be done easily), Vibration when you press the keys and setting to disable it if you dont like vibration. Apologies for frequent updates and will regulate number of releases.
Features(Ver 1.1): Bug fixes, ln function, Memory, clear memory options added.

Features(Ver 1.0):
1) Scientific calculator with high precision(Adjustable precision in settings).
2) Random Math Tip(you can click on it for a new one)
3) Facility to put complex expression and see the answer along with expression
4) Can be moved onto SD Card
5) Free version with ads.
6) Supports portrait mode only as of now
7) Please note that functions like Sin,Cos,Log etc.. use square brackets [] and all other expressions use parentheses () and will fix this in next builds.       ex: Sin[90]+2*(3+6)

Future plans include adding additional math functions like sinh, cosh, tanh etc.. Please email feed back so that i can include those features/fix bugs.

I tested this app on nexus one with froyo. So if this app is not working or have bugs with other phones please let me know.

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